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Hard Psych, anyone?

Peter Pasqual - Friday, November 15, 2013

We buy and sell all sorts of round black circles @ Revolve Records, but one genre takes my heart more than others: yes, you're right.
Hard Psych.

Check out this list of mouth-watering goodness from the Rate Your Music website and if you don't have any of these, ask us to find them for you!

Heavier, riff-based Rock evolving from the mid-60s psychedelic movement. Heavy Psych was created by such bands as Blue Cheer, Flower Travellin' Band and Sir Lord Baltimore in an attempt to create a more intense form of Psychedelic Rock music. It often consists of longer, improvised soloing and a darker atmosphere than is typical of Psychedelic Rock. The tone of Heavy Psych is very distorted or fuzzy, and purposely dense and effect-laden (often including even the vocal mix) creating a thicker atmosphere. Hard Psych is often viewed as integral in the development of Heavy Metal due to the exploration of darker themes mixed in with the sonic and lyrical experimentation of psychedelia. Hard Psych rate albums

We have a copy of Eden's Children - Sure Looks Real in the Erskineville shop, but be quick if you want to check it out because we have it also listed online.

Hard Psych| Eden's Children | Sure Looks Real | Revolve Records

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