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  • Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath-Rare Australian Cover And Pressing Rock Legends Series

    What we have on sale today is an Australian only pressing and exclusive issues cover compilation for Black Sabbath. Tracks featured:

    A1 - Back Street Kids

    A2 - Rock And Roll Doctor

    A3 - Dirty Woman

    A4 - Never Say Die

    B1 - Shock Wave

    B2 - Air Dance

    B3 - Johnny Blade

    Sleeve is VG+, Record looks to be near mint.


    Price: $50.00
  • Cabaret Voltaire-Sensoria/Cut The Damn Camera-12

    Starting way back is 1973 the Band known to us now as Cabaret Voltaire (named after a European Club best I can remember ?) started up a sound revolution in their home town Sheffield and going on not long after sharing the stage with Rock/Electronic Gods Joy Division.

     This 12" is a 1984 release on Virgin Records. Both sleeve and record are NM. 


    Price: $20.00
  • Cabaret Voltaire-Yashar-12

    9th release from the band on 12", this one being on the Factory Records label out of Manchester (manufactured there as well) produced by the legendary John Robie, electro master engineer in the ilk of Arthur Baker who produced a few New Order classics

     This 12" is a 1983 release on Factory Records. Both sleeve and record are NM. 


    Price: $25.00
  • Cheap Trick-Found All Of The Parts-Rare Promo Only Of Previously Unreleased Material 76-79

    Rockford Illinois's Cheap Trick have been on the scene since since 1973 playing to millions of fans world wide. What we have on sale today is a rare cuts 4 track 12", this one in particular is a rare "promotional only and not for sale" Epic white label.

    This album is in great condition for it's age. Sleeve in a strong VG+, does have the library insertion sticker on the front and back of the album. The 12 is NM, looks virtually un-played.


    Price: $50.00
  • Debbie Harry-Kookoo-LP-Super Rare One Off Coloured Vinyl-LP-RML53002

    Here's another coloured vinyl release pressed through Festival Records in the mid 80's this one being for Debbie Harry's Kookoo on Chrysalis Records. This seems to be a one off press of this colour (yellow) or of a small number of reps promo's pressed of this album. The only other version of this on coloured vinyl is the Argentine release which is on red wax. Looking through collectors sites this doesn't even come up on their radar so I gather it's rare as hens teeth.

    Vinyl looks to be a strong VG+ there's no album cover that comes with this, that can easily be obtained though as there's millions of this album sold throughout the world.


    Price: $1,999.95
  • Downsyde-Lesfortunate-12 EP-Rare Obese White Label OBR025 2004

    Here's one amazingly rare piece of vinyl. It's a white label of Downsyde's EP Lesfortunate which only 150 LP's were produced and 2000 CD's....the CD's are fetching over $100 these days, it's that rare. This is a white label produced before the vinyl press of 150 LP's, can't be more than 20 of these white labels available.....I reckon there's less and closer to 10.

     As I've said this is a white label, no jack or typed text on the album, if you're a serious Aus Hip Hop collector you can't go past this, don't sleep and buy it now, we've only got one ! The condition is VG+

    Price: $200.00
  • James Blundell-James Blundell-LP-Rare Signed 1989 Release EMX791816

    James Blundell was (and still is in many minds) the heartthrob of Country Music in Australia a long time before Keith Urban hit his stride. The Stanthorp  (QLD) born  native won the Best New Talent Award at Tamworth in 87 and then went on to sign a deal with EMI to release the album we have on sale now.

    This record has been personally autographed by James (dedicated to Claire) which states on the front "To Claire, Love James Blundell" and on the back "Get Well Soon Claire, love James Blundell", if you're lucky enough to be called Claire and coincidently aren't well at the same time this would make an ultimate gift to yourself ! If you're neither this makes a great collectors piece for your own collection or one to give a great friend.

     Record, VG+, looks well looked after. Sleeve is VG+, slight wear on the back and front cover.


    Price: $30.00
  • Leo Sayer-World Radio-LP-Rare Red Vinyl, Australian Pressing

    Here's another coloured vinyl release pressed through Festival Records in the mid 80's. The one thing Festival were renowned for at the time was their lack of control when it came to staff pressing their own limited edition coloured records outside of the pressing schedule.....all no doubt unknown by their licensors.  This has meant that you find items like this we have on sale today "World Radio" by Leo Sayer on red coloured vinyl with black specks.  We can't seem to see any information at all that it was available for sale after hours of research so we gather it could be part of a small pressing batch only produced for reps.

    Vinyl looks to be mint and never played, there's no album cover that comes with this, that can easily be obtained though as there's millions of this album sold throughout the world.


    Price: $150.00
  • Mark Holden-Encounter-Rare Hand Signed Pressing '77

    Mark Holden needs to introduction to the barrage of women and men that not only loved his music but his looks in the Australian Music scene in the 70's and 80's. This is a hand signed original press of his album "Encounter" which would make a great gift for any fan of the great man.


    Condition of the vinyl is a strong VG+, sleeve is in the same condition. 

    Price: $30.00
  • Michael Jackson-Farewell My Summer Love-LP-Rare Motown Release 6101ML

    This LP was recorded back in the 1970s by Michael Jackson with producer Mel Larson and Jerry Marcellino, Freddie Perren, Fonce Mizell among others. Recorded August 31, 1973 at the Motown Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California.

    Record  and cover are a strong VG++, doesn't look like its had much play or handling.

    Price: $49.95
  • Michael Jackson-Motown Legends-LP-Rare Australian Only Cover Motown Release

    Another great Australian only Motown compilation of some of Michaels great early works with the Jackson 5 and solo titles. This album featuring some amazing tracks including the funking drum breaks version of the Bill Withers classic "Aint No Sunshine".

    The sleeve is in VG+ condition, it has library insertion stickers on both the front and back cover. LP is NM.






    Price: $50.00
  • Mondo Rock - Chemistry-LP-Rare Limted Edition Coloured Vinyl

    What we have on sale today is a rare coloured vinyl version of Mondo Rock's "Chemistry" album. "Chemistry" was a major success as a single along with "State Of The Heart", "Cool World" and "Summer Of 81".

     Record condition is M-, it looks unplayed. There's no sleeve, just the vinyl. The album sold extremely well so there shouldn't be an issue getting a sleeve to place it in.

    Price: $500.00
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